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Criminal Records

We specialize in county state federal and international criminal record searches.

County Criminal Records

County level searches are the most compliant style of search per FCRA requirements.

County records are searched by a court researcher. Records are then pulled directly from courthouses in all counties and parishes.

County level search costs can vary greatly, depending on each courts access fees.

Statewide Criminal Records

This is a great beginning search to uncover any records in a state of interest.

Criminal Records are compiled from state records and repositories from most states, (Not all states have statewide searches available) generally uncovers any record in a state of interest. It is recommended to confirm ‘hits’ with county level search, and costs do vary due to different state fees and court access fees.

National Criminal Records

This search is most often used as a beginning search for all our clients.

This search pulls from hundreds of jurisdictions from across the country. All ‘hits’ will be confirmed at the county level. Instant style report of a computer searching another computer are not compliant under FCRA requirements (Unless all hits are confirmed).

Federal Criminal Records

Federal Criminal Records Searches check for criminal cases heard in federal courts. This is a Name only search.

There are 94 federal courts across the U.S. and we offer the option to search by district or ALL districts within a state of interest. Federal cases typically involve violations of federal criminal law, such as: tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, immigration law violations, postal offenses, interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, kidnapping and other crimes that occurred on federal property and/or violate federal laws.

International Criminal Records

An International Criminal History Records Search is a search for criminal history outside the United States.

Criminal Records Checks are available to some extent in most countries of the world. City Police Records are the primary source for International Criminal Records Searches. In some countries, record searches are available at the national, state or province level. In most nations, each city, state, or province must be searched to determine if a criminal history exists in that particular jurisdiction.

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