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Volunteer Screening

Specifically designed for volunteers and non-profit organizations. We offer multiple solutions for your volunteer screening needs.

National Volunteer Inclusive Report (NVIR)

Using the NVIR provides an investigation starting point for a more complete criminal background investigation.

The benefits and information within the National Volunteer Inclusive Report are as follows:

  • National Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal search
  • National Sex Offender search
  • Restricted Parties search
  • Social Security Number Validation
  • Address History
  • Alias / Maiden names listed
  • All names searched through the Criminal and Sex Offender databases
  • All reports reviewed by our trained researches


Online self-registration system where volunteers can enter their own data and place orders through secure methods.

Benefits of EZyApp™:

  • Limits data entry for the organization and allows for a secure transmission of signed release forms
  • Options for paying: We have three distinct pays methods:
    1. The organization pays
    2. The volunteer pays
    3. Volunteers can have the option to pay
  • This website can receive up to 256-bit encrypted information to ensure that personal data is protected. We are also PCI compliant and have SSL certificates.

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