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Drug Screening

We have the ability to offer you DOT and non-DOT clinical lab testing, as well as the convenience of on site collections.

Clinical Testing

Our partnership with LabCorp & Quest Diagnostics gives you over 5,000 drug collections sites across the country.

From pre-employment and random to post-accident, our partnering labs can handle all your DOT and Non-DOT regulated drug testing needs. Our clinical method is SAMHSA regulated and FDA approved.

On-site Testing

The ability to test on-site is becoming increasingly popular for a lot of our clients.

Companies are beginning to realize and understand the huge benefits on-site testing provides. From almost deleting “down-time” to nearly instant results, we can either collect and test for you or train your staff to collect themselves for pre-employement and random testing needs. Our on-site method is SAMHSA regulated and FDA approved.

On-Site options include:

Urine Testing: Most cost effective method of testing and detection time.

Saliva Testing: Becoming more popular due to increased integrity while testing. Less detection window than urine testing.

Hair Testing: Greatest window of detection time, up to 90 days! Most expensive testing available.

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